Agriculture is undergoing a revolution in the 21st century. After the first green revolution in the 1960's where crops yield became the most important factor in farming, pressures on farmers to increase yield without clearing more land has been mounting. At the turn of the century farming had hit rock bottom with many farmers selling up or going out of business, but farming is coming back as demand for fuel and food soars. The world population is increasing at an alarming rate and the worlds food and fuel supply is struggling to keep up. As such the prices of crops is rising and so profitability is once again possible. Add to this an increased home demand for organic produce, which some consumers are prepared to pay more for.

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Intute Agriculture A great resource with only the best sites making it into the index. Covering the topics of agriculture, food and forestry.

Stackyard Agricultural Links This is a brilliant site dedicated to farming on the web. It includes many resources including news, agri services, pedigree pen, dairy, beef, machinery, property and organisations. Its news section is regularly updated and is packed full of great information.

AGsites The largest agriculture and outdoor world link directory. It provides users with an interest in agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, food industries and the outdoor world with a comprehensive list of sites

UK Agriculture A great all round site thats topics include UK Agriculture, farming, food, conservation and the countryside.

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